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Leadership Development Program

Stand out as a leader.
Stand up to the challenge.

Raytheon builds talent through a two-year, rotational Leadership Development Program (LDP) designed to provide challenging opportunities within the context of short-term work assignments. LDP participants receive support from a mentor, an assignment manager and program manager(s) in the quest to reach their full potential as future leaders.

A great deal of emphasis is put on the Six Sigma® process. By the end of the LDP, you will be expected to complete Six Sigma® specialist training and qualification. Other highlights include:

  • Cross-functional leadership development sessions
  • Functional specific development sessions
  • Business, technology and leadership skills training
  • Exposure to key leaders throughout Raytheon
  • Video forums, online library and self-directed eLearning
  • Cross-business and cross-geography team projects
  • Opportunities for individual and group feedback
  • Potential to rotate across multiple disciplines
  • Personal LDP and career development plans

Requirements vary by discipline. Many participants exhibit prior experience in their area of focus and/or hold advanced degrees. Available opportunities include:

Business Development

Business Development offers a two-year rotation that consists of two, geographically diverse, 12-month assignments. Assignments will provide broad exposure to Raytheon, while also giving participants an opportunity to tackle tough issues and add immediate value. Business Development puts great emphasis on strategic planning, customer-focused marketing, capture/proposal management, operations and government relations.
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Contracts offers the possibility of being assigned to different locations where you will be mentored in the areas of contracts acumen and program, financial and project management, as well as proposal preparation and negotiation skills. Contracts also provides the opportunity to understand the total operating environment at Raytheon and the interrelationships between accounting, legal, contracts, procurement, engineering, manufacturing and quality.
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Engineering offers up to three rotations of 8-12 months each in multiple Raytheon business and geographic locations, with assignments in engineering, operations and/or performance excellence and quality. Assignments give visionaries with advanced degrees the opportunity to help create future technologies that can literally change the world.
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Finance offers six-month job assignments in four of the following areas: financial analysis, budgets & planning, cash management, program/contract analysis, cost accounting, business process assurance, benefit analysis or proposal development. Previous Finance participants include Raytheon CFOs, Vice Presidents and key financial leaders, some of whom serve as active mentors, advisors and trainers.
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Finance Executive

The Finance Executive opportunity is a two-year rotation, consisting of up to three high-visibility assignments that include formal and informal interaction with senior leadership. Participants will work on special projects for the finance organization. Areas of focus can include financial planning and analysis, metrics/measurement, contract negotiation, capital structure analyses, program/contract management, valuation and/or audit. In addition to the rotation, a 2-3 month summer internship is available.
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Human Resources

Human Resources offers a two-year rotation focused on developing leadership talent for a dynamic HR organization. Participants gain exposure to strategic issues in business and HR, focused professional development opportunities, and interaction with top executives throughout Raytheon. In addition to the two-year rotation, Human Resources offers a 10-12 week summer internship.
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Information Technology

Information Technology offers a two-year opportunity that consists of three eight-month rotations and a 2-3 month summer internship with challenging, on-the-job assignments in diverse business areas for maximum exposure to cutting-edge principles, products and trends. MBAs and Master-level participants will train in strategic IT competencies including project management, business partnering, application planning, development and deployment, network engineering and e-business. IT also provides the occasion to gain leadership skills through the study of strategic planning, performance and result-based management, technology assessment and management, organizational effectiveness, and customer and quality analysis.
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Supply Chain

Supply Chain offers three eight-month rotations that may include subcontract management, material program management, strategic agreement teams, commodity management, planning, logistics and other areas. MBA and Master’s degree participants will have the opportunity to tackle tough issues and add immediate value within a competitive aerospace and defense marketplace, where Raytheon spends $7+ billion annually. A 10-12 week summer internship is also available.
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Campus Events

Indiana University - Bloomington
Event: FLDP BAP Accounting & Finance Fair 2015
Focus: Full- Time, LDP
Description: Campus Career Fair
Date: 09/08/2015
Time: 4:00 pm ET - 8:00 pm ET
Address: 302 South College Avenue
Bloomington , Indiana 47403
Texas A and M University
Event: Texas A&M SEC Engineering Fall 15 Career Fair
Focus: Full-Time and Student Programs
Description: Campus Career Fair
Date: 09/08/2015
Time: 9:00 am CT - 4:00 pm CT
Address: 730 Olsen Boulevard
College Station, Texas 77843
Texas A and M University
Event: Texas A&M IAP Networking Event Fall 2015
Focus: Other
Description: Networking Event
Date: 09/08/2015
Time: 5:00 pm CT - 7:30 pm CT
Address: 275 Joe Routt Boulevard
College Station, Texas 77844
Cornell University
Event: Cornell Univeristy Career Days 2015
Focus: Full-Time and Student Programs
Description: Campus Career Fair
Date: 09/09/2015 - 09/10/2015
Time: 10:00 am ET - 3:30 pm ET
Address: 117 Statler Dr
Ithaca, New York 14853
University of Alabama - Huntsville
Event: UAH Fall 2015 Career Fair
Focus: Full-Time and Student Programs
Description: Campus Career Fair
Date: 09/10/2015
Time: 10:00 am CT - 2:00 pm CT
Address: 500 John Wright Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35805
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