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Network Centric Systems

Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS) develops and produces networking solutions, command and control systems, integrated communications systems and netted sensor systems. We support both civilian and military applications, with an emphasis on battlespace awareness and air traffic management. NCS is focused on the needs of today's warfighters and provides the accuracy, speed and common-decision engagement capabilities required for successful homeland security and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


NCS employees regularly engage with customers, suppliers and colleagues to deliver innovative solutions to help our end-users protect lives. In a rapidly changing market, dependent on cutting-edge technology, we look for people who are agile and adaptable with proven aptitude in their chosen specialty. NCS leadership recognizes motivation, commitment and accountability within the team, and encourages the diversity of thought that makes us a leader in our areas of expertise.


Civil Communications Solutions

  • Enables information sharing among national, state, metropolitan and local governments through interoperable standards-based telecommunication and service-oriented architecture solutions.

  • World-class systems integration with a detailed understanding of current applications, infrastructure and requirements for data integration and radio systems.

Command and Control Systems (C2S)

  • Delivers transformational command and control capabilities as an industry-leading mission systems integrator.

  • Best-in-class capabilities encompass the areas of air traffic management, comprehensive systems solutions, integrated command systems, security solutions and strategic transportation systems.

Combat Systems

  • Serves as Raytheon's premier developer and producer of integrated ground combat surveillance and target engagement solutions.

  • Products and solutions include: state-of-the-art target acquisition, missile and weapons fire control, reconnaissance and surveillance thermal imaging systems; RF-based systems for combat ID, threat detection and high-band communications; and networking of tactical battlefield sensor systems.

Integrated Communications Systems (ICS)

  • Provides cutting-edge integrated network solutions that span the radio and light spectrum, enabling knowledge dominance for battlefield control and victory.

  • Our 700+ systems and products set the standard for software-defined radios, command management systems, space payloads, SATCOM, Lasercom, wideband networks, switching and IFF systems.

Operations and Precision Components

  • Offers diversified imaging solutions using focal plane arrays and optical systems for internal and external applications.

  • Resources include: Raytheon Vision Systems (RVS), a vertically integrated, world leader in sensor products for thermal imaging and remote sensing applications; Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies, a premier supplier of optical solutions for defense, industrial and commercial applications; and Raytheon Precision Manufacturing, which supports significant programs across the company.

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