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Missile Systems

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Raytheon Missile Systems is the world's largest developer, producer and integrator of weapon systems. In fact, we've produced over one million missiles in our history. Military forces in more than 50 countries look to us for a high-quality product portfolio that includes missiles, smart munitions, projectiles, kinetic kill vehicles and directed energy weapons. RMS is helping to shape the future of innovative weapon system solutions in response to our customers' most urgent needs.


Our achievements at RMS are built on a foundation that merges brilliant technology and legendary reliability with committed, talented professionals. Together, we are creating cutting-edge weapons system solutions that can help ensure the success of our worldwide customer base. Regardless of location specifics or mission complexity, the RMS team has what it takes.


Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems

  • Experts in advanced tactical targeting technology, loitering weapons, long endurance vehicles, unmanned systems, urban warfare and small weapons.
  • Partnering in the development of the Raytheon-Boeing Joint Air-to-Ground Missile, a forward-looking, low-risk solution designed to defeat moving and stationary targets at standoff ranges in all conditions.

Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems

  • Known for products including active denial system, David's Sling weapon system, laser area defense system and Quiet Eyes™, as well as the emerging Silent Guardian™ and Vigilant Eagle systems.
  • The revolutionary Silent Guardian™ protection system is a less-than-lethal directed energy system with commercial and military applications.
  • Vigilant Eagle provides an innovative, ground-based airport protection system that uses high-power microwave technology to protect commercial aircraft.

Air & Missile Defense Systems

  • Provides the Standard Missile family of products, the world's choice for air defense and theater ballistic missile defense.
  • Powers all Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle systems, which work to engage high-speed ballistic missile warheads in mid-course.
  • Actively developing the Network Centric Airborne Defense Element.

Air Warfare Systems

  • Offers the world's most comprehensive portfolio of air warfare systems in support of decisive battlespace victories.
  • Respected for technologies that give the warfighter a significant tactical advantage, such as the Maverick, Sidewinder and Tomahawk missiles.

Land Combat

  • Provides the world's most comprehensive array of battle-proven land combat missile systems, including technologies that are currently used by 40 armies worldwide and expected to serve the U.S. military through 2050.
  • Actively developing the next generation of precision artillery and gun-launched projectiles featuring built-in GPS guidance.

Naval Weapon Systems

  • Demonstrates full lifecycle leadership in ship and fleet defense solutions designed to protect the warfighter.
  • Featured products include the Centurion™ weapon system, RAM guided missile weapon system and SeaRAM anti-ship missile defense system

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