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Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS)

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Raytheon IIS delivers information systems and solutions to create a better and safer world through sophisticated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications. Our work is complex, but our philosophy is simple: customer success is the foundation on which we operate.

We serve a broad range of customers, including foreign entities and the U.S. government. In fact, IIS facilitates the delivery of more than 60% of our nation’s imagery and signal intelligence and over half of all tactical communications intelligence. It’s opportunities like this that inspire us to deliver the next generation of intelligence and information solutions.


Approximately 80% of IIS employees have security clearances above DoD Top Secret, which give us a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The team is resilient to change and passionate about technology, with a sense of optimism and confidence about the future. We look for people who aren’t afraid to take chances, can execute amidst ambiguity and strive to inspire others.


Analytics and Analysis

  • Engineering the most effective technologies for intelligence gathering, processing and analysis for 40+ years.
  • Provides a consolidated IT infrastructure that gives an overwhelming advantage to our warfighters, defense planners and national security policymakers.
  • Services include advanced, quick-reaction capabilities for critical close access and HUMINT missions, along with responsive operations, logistics and deployment support, and distinctive IO capabilities.


  • Protects and secures government information systems infrastructure and data against emerging cyber threats.
  • Plays both offense and defense, with an understanding of how the adversary thinks and the ability to adopt their perspective.
  • Designs and creates new software, as well as reverse-engineers and analyze outside hardware and software.
  • Advanced capabilities in all major information assurance disciplines, with products and solutions that allow customers to observe and act on real-time intelligence.

Environmental Solutions

  • Unique knowledge of space mission requirements and the ability to apply advanced technologies with speed and agility.
  • Gives our customers a distinct operational advantage in ground stations, payloads, sensors and systems of all sizes.
  • Serves as the #1 provider of weather data in the nation, with increased prediction capabilities regarding the Earth’s environment and potential global, national and economic security impacts.
  • Offering multi-mission ground solutions, decisive space capabilities, high-speed communications, enhanced navigation and location technologies, and advanced earth science research support.

Federal IT 

  • Delivers effective, reliable IT solutions the federal government can depend on.
  • Optimizes customer service, business processes and efficiency for mission-critical IT and operations services.
  • Specializing in large complex data intensive applications, high-performance computing, workflow and data query support, and rapid deployment of solutions built on advanced SOA architectures.

Homeland Security

  • Prevents, deters and responds to national threats and hazards, while ensuring secure borders and real-time information sharing among the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies.
  • Focused on immigration control and identity management solutions, biometrics for rapid and certain identification and screening, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. 
  • Investing in new technologies to address emerging 21st century threats.
  • Evolving along with the international civil security marketplace and the growing need for countries to protect their citizens.

Strategic Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) 

  • Leads multi-mission ground consolidations for proprietary customers and mission partners providing agile solutions for Multi-Mission, GeoINT, modern SIGINT and cyber operations.
  • Transforms information into actionable, real-time intelligence for customers with mission-critical needs.
  • Projects include enterprise-level mission planning, information sharing and multi-intelligence solutions.

Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Provides continuous on-demand intelligence that helps U.S. and coalition forces achieve battlefield dominance via the ability to change the course of events in hours, minutes or even seconds. 
  • Supports warfighters on the battlefield and in cyber-space, with advanced visualization and open standards collaboration for rapid deployment.
  • Work involves UAV cockpit and mission planning, mission support/equipment for airborne collection platforms, and integrated cyber capabilities.

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