Raytheon Australia is an industry leader in defence systems, recognised for delivering the continent's leading mission integration and mission support solutions. One of the attributes that distinguishes us from other prime contractors is a strong capacity for innovation in our core business areas. We value creativity across the organisation and are proud to offer a workplace characterised by:

We encourage and support one another, and value the unique contributions of each team member.

We take responsibility for our own words and actions, meet our obligations, and seek out opportunities to give credit where credit is due.

We value an inclusive workforce and behave in ways that maintain the self-esteem and dignity of others.

Integrity & Ethics
We work from a strong ethical base and are dedicated to the values which guide our decision making, processes, procedures and behaviours on a daily basis.

We are constantly seeking to improve our organisation, expect a commitment to lifelong learning, and believe that excellence is fostered through the development of our people.

We know the value of innovation and strive for an environment where people can freely express their opinions, accept challenges, question what is, and create what could be.

We expect people to be committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our customers in accordance with our values and Code of Conduct.